Tuesday, April 12, 2022

She Stitches Seashells by the Seashore

Pattern: Seashell Scrubbie by Aoibhe Ní (link to pattern on YarnTowers.com)

Started: September 28, 2021


Made for: gifts

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter (100% cotton; 573 yds/524m = 340g)
  • ???g of "Anchors Away Ombre" (started with 320g; ended with ???g) = ???yds
Hook size: 5.5mm/US 9-I

Notes & Photos:
Sept 28: After making the first set for the Quidditch match, I was left with a rather large ball of cotton yarn. I figured out I can make 9 more 4 cloth sets (10 including the one here; within-blog link) which I can use for little aside gifts for any ladies I know. I'm specifically thinking K and our shared-wall neighbor; I'm sure I'll think of others. Since they work up quickly and don't required too much concentration I'm confident I'll have them done sometime in Oct or Nov. No real deadline. I can get some ribbon next time we're at Wallyworld to bundle them together.

Oct 1: I made a cloth the other day (Wed?) and 3 tonight during a not-great preseason hockey game. That's 1 set down and 8 to go!

Oct 19: Decided to declare this as my Wandlore: Cores project. My declaration is here: 🐚🐚🐚 

Oct 22: Made 2 more scrubbies while watching ST:TNG reruns. Will take this project with me for my appointment later this morning. I need something to calm my nerves before I get test results. So many nerves right now...

later (2:56pm): Completed one at home before I left for my appointment, then a whole one and nearly a second whole waiting at the hospital for my appointment; I was called in 38 minutes past the time of my appointment. It takes me about 40-45 minutes to make one cloth. Here's the pre-appointment progress:
Two finished cloths and one with the hook in place to finish working the edging round.

With the two made before bed, I have another full set done :) That makes 2 sets for this project; 3 including the set made for Quidditch :) Yay for progress!

Oct 25: Here's a photo of what I have completed so far:
2 sets of 4 cloths each tied with aqua ribbon and 2 separate cloths.

Nov 9: Not a lot of progress on these. Will have to catch up a bit!
An in progress scrubbie next to 2 finished ones and 2 bundles of 4 scrubbies tied with ribbons behind them.

Nov 11 (3:44am): Made up for my lack of progress over here tonight - finished the one in the photo above plus made 4 more! A full set done and 1 cloth shy of a second set done this week :) That will give me 4 sets (5 counting the set from before) and nearly halfway through this project :) Woot!

Nov 15: Finished the scrubbie needed to make up the 4th set :) Need to alternate a bit more between these and Sil's blankie to get everything done on time. My current progress photo:
4 scrubbies, slightly overlapping each other on the left, next to 3 bundled sets tied with aqua ribbons.

Nov 21: Another set done :) That's 5/9. Woot! These are coming along great. And with medical stuff this week, this is probably my most easily portable project.
4 seashell shaped cloths next to a fat crochet hook and a small pair of scissors with orange handles.

Dec 25: The 5 sets I had finished have been gifted so I'm sitting here with a lemon-lime vodka soda drink and am just finishing the first cloth of set number 6. (It's 2:27am; we're still up having stayed up to open our presents lol)

Jan 30/22: Oops. Took a little holiday from these. Or rather from recording them. I had two more finished and one on my hook when I opened the project bag today. That's 6 sets nearly done :) 
3 shells laid overlapping on the right and one with the crochet hook attached being held to the left and above them.

Let's see what I can get done today!

Feb 1/22: 5 completed before I turned to other projects :) 6 of 9 sets finished, and 1/4 of the 7th (Yes, ends need finishing; that's for later)
5 seashell shaped Tunisian crochet cloths.

April 7/22: Taking stock of projects today and where they're at. This should be easy to get back on track and finished. Less than 3 sets left. 

April 12/22: Just made one more scrubbie. This brings me to 6.5 sets finished.
A lone shell shaped scrubbie with its last stitch still on the crochet hook.

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