Tuesday, September 28, 2021


4 Tunisian crochet seashell shaped cloths. The yarn is white with splashes of gray, aqua, and blue. Each one is subtly different due to the color placements.

Pattern: Seashell Scrubbie by Aoibhe Ní (link directly to pattern on her site🔗)

Started: September 27, 2021

Finished: September 28, 2021

Made for: undetermined recipient/Quidditch @ Ilvermorny 

Yarn: Bernat Handicrafter (100% cotton; 573yds/524m = 340g)
  • 32g of "Anchors Away Ombre" (starting weight: 352g; finished weight: 320g) = 53.93 yds
Hook size: 5.5mm/US I-9

Notes & Photos:
Sept. 25: Quidditch match #4 for 2021 is Scourgify! Which means cleaning implements of all kinds. I've been toying with the idea to make sets of these cute cloths to have on hand for Yuletide gifts. I'm thinking sets of 4. This is the perfect opportunity to try out the pattern and score some points for Wampus at the same time :) My snitch guess will be 225 for this match.

Sept. 27: Time to get underway!

later (7:59pm): Finished the first cloth :) It's adorable and I like how the bits of color in the yarn came out in Tunisian crochet. I took this photo after completing the first rnd:
A swirl of Tunisian crochet built from a center ring. The stitches get progressively longer creating the shape. The yarn is white with splashes of gray, aqua, and blue.

It doesn't look like much yet. But it very quickly expanded to this (the finished cloth):
A Tunisian crochet seashell in the shape of an ammonite, in the white yarn with splashes of gray, aqua, and blue forming rays from the center out.

13.48 yds (8g) = Cute and quick! 3 more to go :)

later (12:32am): And that project is done and dusted ;) I'm definitely going to make more sets to give as little Yuletide gifts as the Fall progresses. I definitely have enough yarn! lol I like how each one is subtly different from the others in colors. Putting the photo of the set at the top and then submitting my Quidditch score; I am on the ball!

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