Friday, April 8, 2022

Rainbow Theory

A primary color wheel showing the relationships between primary, secondary, and tertiary colors, as well as complimentary colors.

Pattern: a one-off from my own head



Made for: Síle aka Me

Yarn: Bernat Premium (100% acrylic; 360yds/329m = 198g)
  • ?? g of "58940 Black" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58507 Red" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58510 Orange" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58555 Yellow Balloon" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58584 Tropical Turquoise" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58517 Teal" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58521 Royal Blue" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58588 Deep Purple" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
  • ?? g of "58542 Hot Pink" (started with ___g; ended with ___g) = ??? yds
Total Yardage: 

Hook size: 4.5mm/US 7

Gauge: 16 granny rnds measured

Notes & Photos:
April 8, 2022: Getting this page set up. Bought 8 of the 9 colors on Tuesday; there wasn't any hot pink in stock but I was able to find the proper color number online.

So, this is a granny square cardigan I've been thinking about for awhile now. The squares are various sizes and color combinations, quite a few rely on complimentary colors. I'm going classic riot of colors with this; won't lose me in a snowstorm 😂 The sleeves will be crocheted in the round, from the body out, in stripes of the granny clusters with squares around the "cuffs".

Originally I was going to call it "Molly-esque" after a popular character with an... eclectic style but thanks to a problematic author I'm not comfortable with that any longer. Even though this is a one-off for myself I want to be respectful of those who've been hurt by the horrible things said by that author. Since I've used some basic color theory and have always had a soft spot for the good old Roy G. Biv rainbow, I decided "Rainbow Theory" made sense.

I have a couple other projects to finish before I actually start this but now I have the yarns recorded and my notes started at least.

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