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Staff Meeting

Pattern: Aria Blanket by Lucy at Attic24 (link to pattern on blog)

Started: September 10, 2021


Made for: Síle aka Me (kit was a surprise gift from Sonia)

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK (100% acrylic; 322yds/295m = 100g)
  • ??g of "1852 Apple" (dyelot: 3135; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1082 Bluebell" (dyelot: 3452; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1432 Wisteria" (dyelot: 9915; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1725 Sage" (dyelot: 3406; started with 102g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1828 Boysenberry" (dyelot: 3299; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1277 Violet" (dyelot: 2985; started with 102g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1712 Lime" (dyelot: 3632; started with 102g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1083 Pomegranate" (dyelot: 2972; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1019 Cloud Blue" (dyelot: 3440; started with 103g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1855 Proper Purple" (dyelot: 3412; started with 101g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of"1841 Cornish Blue" (dyelot: 3237; started with 104g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1723 Tomato" (dyelot: 3404; started with 105g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1842 Spearmint" (dyelot: 2934; started with 102g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of  "1822 Pistachio" (dyelot: 3131; started with 100g; finished with xg) = ??yds
  • ??g of "1709 Gold" (dyelot: 3289; started with 106g; finished with xg) = ??g
Hook size: 3.0mm/US 2.5??

Notes & Photos:
Sept. 10: Hurricane Larry is on its way to Newfoundland! I need a semi-mindless project. Plus it's Square Dance Weekend at Ilvermorny. AND on top of that this lovely kit arrived yesterday; a complete and utter surprise from S :) 

Oh! And K (aka Roomie Sis) is in St. John's!! I'm here with the cats, alone. Actually it isn't too bad so far. I have extra water in the fridge, plus in the bathtub. I have candles and my devices are charged in case of an outage. And I have food that doesn't require electricity to prepare/eat. I've got this. 

And this lovely blanket kit! The yarn is sooooo soft! I would've sworn it is merino. Seriously; excellent quality. And the colors!! Oh my, you have to see the variety of colors! It's a bag of rainbows! Here's the two photos I took before I started weighing the skeins:
7 100g skeins of various colors of yarn: dark moss green, bright dark pink, moss green, light blue, blue-purple, and rust.

8 100g skeins of yarn in the following colors: purple, dark aqua, dark lavender, orange, light lavender, teal, raspberry pink, and lime green.

Aren't they glorious?? I love color lol Ok, enough fawning over the yarn, it`s time to start. It`s recommended to make a gauge square to keep to a size (4 inches or less) that you won't run out of yarn. The recommended hook is a 4.0mm, and since I'm not familiar with this yarn that's what I'm starting with.

Later: Um, well 4.0mm is not going to work. My square is 4.5 inches across instead of only 4 inches (or less!). So, going to re-do this with my 3.5mm hook. The mis-sized square:
A green granny square with a short ruler over it, showing the square is a smidge over 4.5 inches wide.

Later (11:06pm): Closer but I still haven't got the cigar!!!! Oh my. Going down to 3.0mm! (My 3.25mm hook is mysteriously AWOL. I'm not even sure where it could be) And as always the mis-sized square:
A green granny square with a clear ruler over it, showing that the square measures 4.25 inches.

Later (Sept 11 - 12:47am):  Got it this time! Now I can start the actual pattern, finally lol. Here's my final swatch:
A green granny square with a clear ruler over it, showing it is 3.75 inches wide.

On to the actual blanket!

Later (Sept 11 - 1:44am): First square done :) From inside out, Apple, Bluebell, & Wisteria
Granny square: first round is apple (green), second and third rounds are bluebell (blue-purple), fourth and fifth rounds are wisteria (light lavender).

This is going much better :)

Later (Sept 11 - 4:03am): And that's another finished :) Square 2 is Sage, Boysenberry, & Violet:
The previously shown square is on the left of a pair of joined granny squares. The one on the right is (center to outer) 1 round of sage, 2 rounds of boysenberry (raspberry pink), & 2 rounds of violet (dark lavender).

Later (Sept 11 - 5:31am): I've added another square (which I think matches me with C in our little Staff make-along). I have a rhythm going with the pieces although I still need to check the instructions for the joining section. Square 3 is colors lime, pomegranate, & boysenberry. Here's the third square all joined up to the first two:
3 joined granny squares, the first 2 already described above, The furthermost one on the right consists of (center to outer rounds) 1 round of lime (dark moss), 2 rounds of pomegranate (dark pink), and 2 rounds of boysenberry (raspberry pink).

The blanket is 12 squares across and 12 down; 144 squares total. This could take awhile lol

Sept. 12: I've made and joined 3 more squares :) The first one s cloud blue, bluebell & proper purple. The second is violet, cloud blue & bluebell. The third is apple, proper purple & wisteria. And here's a photo of all 6 currently complete squares:
The 6 joined granny squares. They are in a straight line.

Oct. 15: Square Dance Weekend has returned! I have my first square underway; how many will this weekend see? We'll find out! (Pomegranate & Cornish blue in the following photo: )  
An in progress granny square. The center round is a bright midtone pink, and the second and  start of the third rounds are with a greyish blue.

Oct. 18: I have 24 squares done now! 2 full rows! 18 done this SDW! :) Crappy weather is a great reason to stay in and stitch. Here's what the blanket is looking like now:
Two rows of 12 squares. The strip is arranged bottom left to top right of the frame.

Nov. 19: The return of SDW, and it's a rainy ol' day :) Guess I'll just have to hunker down and get my "Meeting" underway ;)

Nov. 21: 6 squares for this dance :) 
2 and a half rows of multicoloured granny squares. The full rows have 12 squares in them.

Now to get some progress on a few other projects so I can make check-ins on them without rushing to get new photos.

Dec. 4: 1 square for this month's dance. Too many other things need finishing this month, plus tonight's my speculaas baking night :)
A granny square in, from center, orangey-red, blue, and lime. There are other squares around it not in focus.

Jan. 9/22: We've decided to have a weekly check in during our Friday Zoom chats where we'll each send the other two a photo of the last square we completed. This might motivate us to work on our blankets more often. So tonight I did 2 more squares, bringing me to 33/144. 3 more and I'm a quarter done.

Jan. 24/22: Submitted #34 for January SDW. Jakey broke me Saturday; weird crack/grinding sound in my back followed by odd cold breeze feeling in both legs and a lot of pain in 3 spots of my back :( So much for getting back into my heavies this month

Feb. 28/22: Another Square Dance Weekend and 2 more squares done. These are #37 and #38. Somehow I failed to record squares #35 and #36? 🤔 No clue how that happened. Here are 37 & 38:
Two multicoloured granny squares attached to a previous row of squares. The photo is focused on the two new squares so we only see the edges of the previous ones.

March 21/22: Square 39 completed for this month's SDW. Not much but it's progress! Once I get Squish's sweater done I can put some extra time into this.

April 7/22: SDW for April starts tomorrow. My goal is to knock out 9 squares to finish the 4th row off. That's my plan anyway! We'll see how it actually goes...

April 8/22: Nearly done my 1st square of the weekend :) This is square 40
An in-progress granny square with a lavender center, a light yellow-green 2 round stripe, and an orange-gold outer round. The hook can be seen ready to work the final round with the orange-gold yarn.

April 11/22: Woot! Got 9 done to complete row 4 :) That's now 48/144 or one quarter :)

May 16/22: Sadly, sinus pain gave way to a pseudo-migraine and 1 square is all I can manage this weekend. Here's block 49:

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