Tuesday, November 23, 2021

4 Hand Reel

Silhouette of two boys and two girls dancing together. They are paired off, a boy and a girl, and each pair looks to be swinging around holding right hands.

Pattern: from my own wee head; Four Hand Reel by Síle Thiels (sample in progress so no link available yet)

Started: July 17, 2021


Made for: Síle aka Me/ design sample

Yarns: Bernat Premium (100% acrylic; 360yds/329 m = 198g)
  • 115g of "58507 Red" (started with 198g; ended with 83g) = 209.1 yds
  • 117g of "58510 Orange" (started with 180g; ended with 63g) = 212.7 yds
  • 116g of "58514 Green" (started with 198g; ended with 82g) = 210.9 yds 
  • 119g of "58521 Royal Blue" (started with 178g; ended with 59g) = 216.4 yds
  • g of "58003 Dark Gray Heather" (started with 202g; ended with ?g) = 
 Total yardage: (so far) 849.1 yds

Needle size: 4.5mm/US 7 (2 24" circulars and 2 dpns)

Gauge: 17sts & 36 rows = 4"/10cm in striped garter st

Notes & Photos:
Feb 20/19: I may be turning into a bag lady. This one takes a simple 4 color striping sequence in garter st, and adds in the fun of log cabin blocks.One for the front and one for the back, a strip that combines the bottom, narrow sides, and strap all-in-one, with made as you go i-cord edges. I-cord across the top openings and you're ready to carry around the essentials: a book, bottle of water and your sunblock for an afternoon at the beach or park; water bottle, makeup kit, and ghillies for a feis or performance.

May 16/19:
Rainbow colors will make this fun :) I'm sure others will have neat color combos for this. Almost went monochromatic but nah
Four skeins of yarn arranged so you're looking at the round ends in a bunch. There is one of each color: red, orange, green, and royal blue. They're all vibrant playful colors.

A = red
B = orange
C = green
D = royal
E = black

June 16/19: 
Today pulled an all-nighter between this and another pattern. Everything was just flowing! I pretty well have this pattern written, minus the yardage and yardage breakdown for each color. And while I was s'posed to be focusing on my Ilvermorny assignments! Oops!! 

July 9/21:
Finally ready to get this sample knit! I've also declared this as my Year 2 No Maj (B stream) project at Ilvermorny. Structured play is the assignment; team sports, dance lessons, etc. I will focus on the addition of céilí dances to children's classes after they've learned the basics of their light reels and light jigs. Link to declaration post here 
"Learning to dance together is fun and a bit challenging but the sense of teamwork is important in what is seen as a very solitary form of dance. Dance friendships are friendships that often defy age groups and dance schools often have a family feeling, with more experienced dancers often acting as aides/guides to the teacher of younger classes as well as giving support at performances; helping with hair/makeup/costuming, acting as moral support/cheering squad at large community events and/or competitions, giving advice on technique or how to handle nerves, etc.

Céilí squads in competitions are made up of students across age groups/classes. The most common ranges are girls under 8, mixed under 8, girls under 12, mixed under 12, girls under 16, mixed under 16, senior ladies, and senior mixed. Sometimes adults are included in the senior categories, other times there are separate adult ladies and mixed; it depends on the set up of the particular feis/feile."  

July 17/21: I need a break from fingering weight double-knitting today so striped garter stitch seemed like the best choice ;) Here's the first half of the center square with the provisional cast-on in place:
A small piece of garter stitch knitting in four colours: red, orange, green, and blue.

July 18/21: This is going so quickly! I'm already finished the center square and the first 3 strips :)
Striped garter stitch: 2 squares and 2 rectangles that have been knit by picking up stitches from the pieces knit before.

July 20/21: The first 4 strips are done :)
Four striped rectangles surrounding a striped square. The lengths of yarn used as stitch holders make the piece look more complicated than it is.

July 27/21: Finished strip 5 and part way through strip 6 
The piece has a decidedly rectangular shape currently, with the center square now having additional strips to the left side and bottom. The bottom strip, aka number 6, has 5 of its 12 garter stitch ridges complete.

August 3/21: Just started strip 8 :) It's certainly bright!
The second set of strips around the center square is nearly finished. The eighth strip has two garter stitch ridges finished of the twelve.

August 10/21: Only just over halfway through strip 9 this week. It was too humid to hold any yarn up until Sunday. Seriously, my hands were stickier with sweat than a 3 year old who put their own jam on their sandwich! We're talking stick-eeeeee lol But I put a few rows on this so I'm happy with that. Strip 9 is the start of the final strips which will end with strip 12 making the tote side square again. Here's how it looks currently:
The piece has a mildy rectangular shape with the partially finished strip on the left side of the square portion. The multicoloured stripes of the work are very playful and a bit reminiscent of children's toy blocks.

August 11-12/21: Finished strip 9; just slipping it onto its holder. I'm forgoing the purl rows on this last round of strips as I find they look a bit chunky in the knitting. Not sure if I'll skip them for the other side if the tote and then rewrite the end of each strip without them yet. They're not really saving any work with the ends which was my original reasoning of doing the purl row and then using the same color as the first one of the next strip. I also wanted to have a different order on each piece instead of all the exact same so this accomplished that without too much thinking. Working over the midnight timeline again, hence the date. Lol When do I ever work within "normal" time??

August 13/21: Starting the last rectangle of what will be the back of the tote :) Am toying with adding a pocket to the front, using the "seam" between two rnds of rectangles. So far my Twitter poll indicates knitters want both an outside pocket  and an inner pocket. I usually do inner pockets as part of any lining I make, so would leave that up to the individual knitter. Here's what the back is looking like; the last rectangle will be along the bottom:
A large rectangle made of smaller striped rectangles arranged around a striped square. The layout is similar to log cabin quilt blocks.

later: The first side is done :)

I used the following amounts for the first side:
red - 41g = 74.55yds
orange - 47g = 85.45yds
green - 39g = 70.91yds
blue - 41g = 74.55yds

A total of 305.46yds :) And the completed side looks like this:
The finished tote side: all of the sections were worked in stripes red, orange, green, and blue. A center square is surrounded by 3 rounds of rectangles that get longer as they move out from the center. Each section is 12 garter stitch ridges high and varies in length according to the length of the pieces below it.

August 24/21: I've got the center square plus the first 5 rectangles done already :) This is a perfect project for watching "Supernatural" straight through for the I'm-not-sure-how-many-eth- time. So here's where the front is to:
Using the same colors and stripe sequence as the first side, this shows the center square surrounded by the first four rectangles with the "extra" rectangle to the right side.

August 31/21: 2 rectangles added since I last updated. One more will have the first two "rings" around the center finished. I hope to get at least one rectangle done each werk as I work on my project for this year's Tbird House Challenge. Here's the photo:
A rectangle made of rectangles surrounding a center square of knitted brightly colored stripes.

5 more rectangles to finish and then on to the bottom/sides/strap joining piece. I really hope that goes as I've envisioned it.

September 14/21: One more rectangle finished and back to a square :) Now that my THC project is done I can get back to focusing on this, and get my second class submitted soon. I hope. Here's where it's at:
All sections are made of stripes in red, blue, green and orange. There is a center square with 2 "tiers" of rectangles built around it.

Septmber 21/21: And the second side is done! If it hadn't been for a stomach bug I'd have been at this point on Sunday. (And seriously I'd like to know how I even got the darn thing. I mask in stores and the post office. I wash my hands and use sanitizer as needed. I'm careful for the love of Lugh. Ugh. I hate getting sick. I digress.)

So here are my numbers for side 2:
red - 42g = 76.36 yds
orange - 40g = 72.73 yds
green - 44g = 80 yds
blue - 45g = 81.82 yds

A total of 310.91 yds for side 2 :) And that's 616.37 yds total. I have a photo of both sides laid next to each other: 
The two sides of the tote laid next to one another on the floor. The position of the photo has them on a diagonal from lower left to upper right of the frame.

Now for the fun part: knitting the bottom/side/strap while joining the sides together! You may be right; I may be crazy...

I thought a photo of my setup for this next stage might be of interest, so here are the two sides arranged with right sides up and the sts on the circs facing each other. The purple yarn on the dpn is my provisional cast-on with a waste yarn, and you can see I've worked the first row with red (color A). Right side rows join the strip to the front and back sides:
As described in the paragraph above.

later (5:02pm): A few more joining rows worked. I think it's getting a bit easier to see how it's working out in this photo:
Focus on the joining section: there are now ridges of red, orange, green, and another of orange built from the purple provisional cast-on, and corresponding Vees where the joins to front and back have been worked.

The vees that match their ridges are quite clear on the left side of the joining strip. Now to continue!

later (9:13pm): 14 ridges done now. Also had to make and eat supper lol It's much easier now that I'm not working right at the edge. I'm glad my original idea is working out so nicely:
Focused in on the bottom strip. There are now 14 garter stitch ridges and corresponding vees. There are single ridge stripes of all four colors: red, orange, green and blue.

September 27/21: Finished joining the bottom! I love it :) Here's a photo:
Close up of the horizontal striped panel bordered by Vees between two vertical striped pieces.

Now to turn the corner and then continue with the first side :)

September 28/21: I've turned the corner :) I'm so pleased with how this joined as I go strip is working out for the sides. Here's how the corner looks:
Close up of different sections of striped garter stitch converging together.

Another angle of the above portion of knitting, not quite as focused in.

Happily continuing on :)

October 5/21: Finished the side :) 2/5 done this section. On to the strap! Oh, the photo:
The partially finished bag laid out. The focus is on the newly completed side panel.

October 6/21: What a great day of progress! I knit 234 rows of the 324 needed for the strap! I mean, the rows are only 12sts long so they go pretty quick lol. But I'm nearing 4/5 of the way through this section now :) At this rate I might have this bag done before mid-month! Here's a side view of the strap:
Looking at the strap section of the bag from the side. The stripes run vertically in the photo.

October 19/21: I've reached 300 rows on the strap. This has taken a wee backseat to other things the last week or so. But progress is progress! Most recent photo:
A section of the strap is shown with white markers in place. The strap is arranged so the length of it is horizontal and the stripes are vertical.

later (12:02am): Done the strap section :) I increased back to 14 sts on the last row and now can start joining the other side of the bag :) Officially 4/5 through the bottom/side/strap. And the final section of the strap:
Close up of the strap showing the final 30 or so rows.

October 26/21: I've been more focused on my seasonal projects but I have started the final joining section on the bag :)
A close up of the in progress small side panel being joined to the front and back of the tote. It is a continuation of the strap piece.

November 2/21: A bit more done this week. Jakey was sick again so my knitting time took a hit with my supervising "shifts"; my room is too small to fit a chair in and sitting on my bed offers my back no support so I really can't knit or crochet in there. My room is the defacto kitty quarantine space so I messed about with some editing and watching pvr'd shows on my phone while staying up with the furball.
The final side joining continues. It's between 1/3 and 1/2 completed.

November 7/21: Got the final bit of joining done :) Here are the grams/yards for the bottom/narrow sides/strap:

red - 32g = 58.18yds
orange - 30g = 54.55yds
green - 33g = 60yds
blue - 33g = 60yds

The third section took 232.73 yards. Adding that to the total for the large sides (616.37) makes 849.1yards. I'm debating whether to use the colors as I had outlined or use black for the i-cord edgings.

Here's what the completed side joining looks like:
View of the narrow side panel, showing its horizontal stripes contrasting with the front and back sides next to it with vertical stripes.

I also took pics of the front and back of the (nearly) completed tote. With bonus Jakey photobomb! And yes, it did come out that big :''D Here they are:
The tote is laid flat with one large side facing up and the strap lays across it. A black and white fluffy cat observes the proceedings sitting a few inches away from the tote.

Other side of the tote with the strap tucked under it. The same cat continues to wonder whats going in

November 18/21: Silver Belle (aka furry niece #1) decided my tote makes for a good bed
A silver gray tabby cat asleep on a barely seen piece of brightly coloured striped garter stitch knitting, with her head resting on a skein of dark gray yarn. The knitting she is on isn't identifiable so little of it peeks out from under the sleeping cat.

November 23/21: I started the i-cord edging over a week ago but still don't have one entire side done. Too many other WIPs taking my attention but 2 of them are gifts with a bit less than a month to go on one. So yeah. I do like how the very dark gray looks with the colors; there was no black yarn to be found at the store. All labelled as on order which doesn't help me finish a pattern. Oh well. I do like the gray. Here's the latest pic:
Close up of the i-cord edging being knit onto one side of the strap, with the already edged top of one side of the tote visible as well.

I had hoped to have this completed by the end of the month. Can I still make that goal? I'm not sure. Portability has had me taking either the scrubbies or Sil's blankie with me the past two days. Taking Sil's blankie with me to the hospital tomorrow; there might be valuable knitting time before I go into the procedure or after I come out of the anesthesia. Will see how it goes.

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