Thursday, November 25, 2021

Silver's Sparkly Blankie

Pattern: Swirl Dishcloth or Afghan Square by Anne Brenner (I can't find this anywhere off-Rav; was in my library of patterns)

Started: November 13, 2021

Finished: deadline December 24th

Made for: Silver Belle, my adorable fur-niece

Yarn: Red Heart Roll With It Sparkle (97% acrylic, 3% other fibers; 561yds/513m = 150g)
  • ???g of "Magic" (started with 159g; ended with ??g) = ???yds
Needle size: 4.5mm/US 7 dpns & circular

Notes & Photos:
Oct 5: K bought the yarn for Silver's blankie today. I'll be using the same sort of recipe as I did with Jakey's except the stripes will come as I knit with this variegated rather than a bunch of separate colors/yarns. I'm thinking of starting differently too. Rather than a dishcloth center, maybe a bias square or mitered square in garter st. Very organic knitting, just going with what feels right.

I love the yarn. A pastel rainbow with a silver shot of sparkle through it is perfect for a 5 year old girl, even if she's a furry one!

Oct 19: I declared this as my Year 2 NAMS - B project today.  Seemed appropriate given the assignment Visions & Dreams. Declaration is here: 🌈😴

I also showed K a couple different patterns and she liked this one, so not only will it be different colors than Jakey's it'll be a different pattern too. I really like the spiral of this one. I hope it retains the shape enlarging it as I will be doing.

Nov 13: Really need to get cracking on this! I'm glad it's an intuitive pattern and that I'm using yarn that I can just keep going with. Let's do this! This is the yarn at starting:
A yarn cake showing a pastel rainbow of yarn. From the center out the color order is: green, light blue, lavender, pink, light orange, and yellow.

later (7:58pm): Going well so far :) I really like how the swirl is looking. I've started from the center of the cake with the green, which is a light moss shade.
In progress, a square of knitting arranged on 4 double pointed needles. The focal point is the swirl that appears to spin out from the center to the 4 corner points. Also of note is the sparkle in the yarn.

I like it :) I hope Sistwerp and Silver like it too.

later (4:11am): This is going so fast! I'm already well into the blue section of the cake :)
The blanket is now on a circular needle and this phot shows the progression of the yarn's colors from mossy green to light blue, and the transition section between them. There's a silver dangling heart shaped stitch marker on the circular needle, visible near the top of the photo

Nov 22: Took this with me for something to do while waiting for my EKG and bloodwork appts at the hospital this morning. I'm into the lavender now! :) And this pic in natural light is sooooo much better than the one I got last week.
The center of the blanket is roughly centered right at the bottom of the frame, and the progression of colors now has a wider band of blue, and a thin band of lavender. The project remains in progress in a circular needle.

Nov 25: Morning after minor surgery and I'm understanding why they said don't plan to do much today. And I didn't even get full strength anaesthetic! Anyway I was able to knit right up until the surgical nurse took me down to the OR, which let me tell you was awesome for keeping any nerves in check, so I got a fair amount done :) Keep in mind every rnd is getting a bit longer. Here's my progress from yesterday:

I put the orange marker in before I left to go to the hospital and haven't knit on it since the surgical nurse took me to the OR. Roughly an inch from the top of the pin to the rnd on the needle :)

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